Booths Terms and Conditions

Exhibitor’s Terms and Conditions For Setup & Exhibition

  1. All exhibitors are required to wear Exhibitor accreditation when entering the convention venue.
  2. Festival passes to exhibitors will be provided on the date of registration at the venue between 12th and 13th January 2023
  3. Companies and representatives of companies not assigned to an exhibition space will be prohibited from engaging in any form of solicitation in or near the festival area.
  4. Those found in violation of this prohibition will be asked to leave the premises.

Standard Booth Terms

  1. All booths shall be designed and constructed by the organizer’s official contractor unless written approval is taken from the organizer to fabricate their own booth after providing a security deposit.
  2. The standard booth set-up will be provided by the official contractor. The organizers reserve the right to make modifications to the installations provided – at any time prior to the start of the festival.
  3. The walkways are the property of the entire exhibition. Each exhibitor is responsible for ensuring proper traffic throughout the hall.
  4. It is an infringement on the rights of exhibitors when large crowds gather to watch a demonstration that interferes with the flow of traffic along walkways or creates excessive crowds in neighbouring booths.
  5. Walkways must not be blocked, and exhibitors are not permitted to use the walkways for exhibit exposure, display, or solicitation. The organizer holds the right to impose a fine on an exhibitor, who violates these rules.
  6. It is not customary for exhibitors to make structural changes to a standard booth or remove any integral parts from booths. However, if the exhibitors require special assistance to relocate or remove any of the standard installations, they must submit their request to the organizer and the official contractor.

Standard Exhibitor Terms:

  1. Guest artists are allowed to sell the following items, posters, artworks, tote bags, and t-shirts, in their booths and other merchandising which does not include products.
  2. Solicitation or demonstrations by an exhibitor must be confined to the exhibitor’s own booth. Exhibitors should be considerate of neighboring exhibitors when soliciting attendees to visit their booths.
  3. Screws drilling, taping, nailing, or painting on the floors, walls, or any part of the booth are strictly not allowed. Exhibitors are solely liable for any damages caused to their booth fixtures and fitting during the convention.
  4. Under no circumstances can any exhibit display be allowed to encroach into the aisle walkways. Please remember to keep your entire exhibit inside your booth
  5. Exhibitors are required to adhere to the timetable given by the Organizer and remove all exhibit stand materials immediately after the exhibition concludes.
  6. Any exhibits or stand material left behind at the exhibition hall are considered abandoned. Exhibitors are responsible for the expense associated with items that must be disposed of.
  7. Installation of electrical equipment including lighting appliances shall comply with the Electrical Regulations of the State Electricity Ordinance. Exhibitors are advised not to use electrical connectors that may contain off-standard circuits in their booths.
  8. The Main switch and distribution board may be required to install within the booth area at the Official Contractors discretion.
  9. Exhibitors are advised that any audio system or electrical device that produces irritating, intermittent, or sequential sounds or noise is not allowed without prior approval from the organizers.
  10. Music or noise emitting from the exhibition booth shall not be too loud which could cause disruption to the event. Exhibitors will agree upon reducing the volume of sound or be subjected to having their sound system disconnected.
  11. Each electrical point provided is intended for machines and lights used. If used for any other purpose or purposes a charge will be applied and the exhibitor will have to submit a request with full details to the Official Contractor prior to the event.
  12. Exhibitors or their contractors are not allowed to install any additional lighting devices without prior application, notification, and approval from the Official Contractor. A penalty fee will be applied if such a situation is found.
  13. Exhibitors are to provide the connectors or joints and wiring from the PowerPoint to the exhibit’s machinery.
  14. The use of multiple socket outlets is strictly prohibited to avoid overload and tripping. A penalty will be applied if this incident occurs and will be held responsible for all the re-energization charges.
  15. Remote-controlled flying objects and Drones are not permitted in the exhibition booths however robotic ground machines are welcome.

Standard Exhibit Terms

  1. In no event will the Organizer be responsible for receiving or storing any exhibit or booth materials.
  2. The Organizers shall not be liable for any damages suffered during transportation, installation, exhibition, or disassembly. The exhibitor is solely responsible for their exhibits.
  3. Exhibitors are encouraged to designate their own staff to take care of their exhibits. Exhibitors shall not remove any part of the exhibit or display prior to the end of the exhibition.
  4. The exhibitor or their staff are not authorized to carry out commercial or promotional activities outside of the assigned booth area. No exhibits, displays, or advertising material of any kind will be allowed in the Centre’s public areas, basement parking, or hallways. The distribution of printed matter and circulation of advertising materials is permitted only at the allocated stand space itself.
  5. Entry to all personnel of exhibitors in the exhibition hall is permitted only with provided identification badges or passes. These badges or passes are strictly non-transferable.


Please note that under all circumstances, natural or otherwise, all sales of booths are final and non-refundable.

Food & Beverage

Referring to the Convention Centre’s policy, any outside food and beverage are strictly prohibited to be brought into the exhibition hall at any time, nor any form of payment exchanged.


Smoking is absolutely not permitted anywhere inside the exhibition areas. This applies to the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

Use of Booth

All booths must be displayed and furnished properly with exhibits at all times during the exhibition.

Limitation of Liability

The Organizer shall not be liable for the safety and security of Exhibitors, their employees, representatives, helps, agents, contractors or invitees, nor for any exhibit materials, articles, documents or other property of whatever kind, brought into the exhibition venue at any time during the Exhibition.

The exhibitors bear all liability, costs, and expenses due to any loss or injury to contractors or invitees and that of any third parties and members of the public, however, caused as a result of any act, omission, default or negligence on the exhibitors’ part.


Exhibitors with valuable exhibits are requested to obtain insurance or special security service for overnight protection at the exhibitors’ own expense. Exhibitors requiring special assistance or advice may contact the Organiser.

Demonstration of Exhibits

Any exhibitor wishing to carry out a demonstration of any kind must ensure that their practices in no way constitute a fire or safety hazard or interferes with the activities of visitors or other exhibitors. The Organiser reserves the right to terminate any practices, which is considered to be harmful to the exhibitor.

Delivery of Exhibits

Exhibits should not be sent to the Exhibition center until the stand is ready. Exhibitors should arrange for representatives to be at the stand to receive goods. The Organiser will not accept or sign for any goods, exhibits, or other material on behalf of exhibitors.


There will be a storage area provided to the exhibitors in the hall during the three consecutive days of the event. However, Exhibitors should make direct arrangements with the official carriage forwarder or their own agents for the move-in and removal of exhibits.


As per the Deliverables mentioned while booking, booth furniture will be provided. Any extra furniture will be chargeable. If any exhibitor’s booth has unauthorized furniture, they will be liable to a fine of INR 1500/- per furniture, per day.

Intellectual Property

For respect and equality, it is prohibited to sell any copy or pirated items during the exhibition. The Organizer shall have the right to request exhibitors to remove exhibits, which are alleged of violating intellectual property rights. Any exhibitors found guilty of infringement of intellectual property rights during the three consecutive exhibition day periods shall be blacklisted from participating in future exhibitions of the Organizer.

Removal of Exhibits

The removal of exhibits may not commence until 11 Jan from 9.00 pm onwards. Exhibitors and their contractors are responsible for the complete removal of exhibits from the hall and outside areas of all goods, materials, and trash.

Cash and Valuables

Safety and security of all valuables like passports, travel documents, cameras, mobile phones, ear-pods, laptops, tablets, and others are the sole responsibility of the exhibitors.

The exhibitors and their guests are requested to always take care of their valuables. The Organizers will have security and CCTV; however, Organizers do not take any responsibility for theft, loss, or destruction of any such items.

Bookings and Payment

Full payment for the booths is to be received along with the booking form. Booths will be assigned on a first come first serve basis and will not be reserved until full payment has been made.

We look forward to welcoming you to the gathering. Please feel free to contact our team at tribe@kulaworldwide.com at any time if you have further queries.